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" You are God's building"

Paul (1 Cor.): “You are God’s building”

Near the baptizing place of the old Roman church of St. John Lateran you can find a Latin inscription that was carved when they began using the pool for baptisms. This poetic translation is by Aidan Kavanagh:

“Here is born in Spirit-soaked fertility a brood destined for another City, begotten by God’s blowing and borne upon His torrent by the Church their virgin mother.  

This spring is life that floods the world, the wounds of Christ its awesome source.  

Sinner, here scour (clean) sin away down to innocence, for they know no enmity who are by one font, one Spirit, one faith, made one.  Sinner, shudder not at sin’s kind and number, for those born here are holy.”

Mission Statement

Let us be open
accepting individuals
sensitive to change
and willing to take
Courses untraditional,
unknown to us.
Let us live as
examples of God’s love